At the company's headquarters offices in Kiev and in other cities has "show-room", where the samples of our products. Our managers will give all the necessary consultations and explanations will help place your order.

You can also contact a design studio and pre-order a design project , which will be the first step in building your store. Using the services of a designer , you can:

correctly position the equipment on existing areas , ensuring proper visibility and accessibility of goods;

compile a list of the best elements of designs that best fits the range of goods offered for sale ;

exactly fit in the available space equipment ;

a visual representation of how your store will look like ;

professionals trust decision is not always clear questions .

Order value it increases slightly, and the resulting benefit is obvious .

After all the subtleties of the design project and pre-payment order is received on design studies . Then, according to the design documentation will be produced equipment for your store. If you ordered the standard products that are in stock, then wait at almost do not have to .

Our production base is located in the suburbs of Kiev with . Mikhailovka - Rubezhivka . There is also a central warehouse Picking performing holiday products. In the offices of items can be obtained directly from the warehouse . Holidays finished products made only upon full payment of the order .

Then again have to choose : either by the equipment and take his own mount , or again use the services of "Nick" . We can arrange delivery of your purchased products both in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine . Professional collectors will collect and install equipment in your room.

We do not leave unattended client and after project completion. We provide advisory support , accept the guarantee , if necessary , make the dismantling or reconstruction of equipment.

We do not share customers in large and small . Everyone will find we have what is right for him . No one will be left without attention.