Facilities under the name "Nika" features decent quality , which is determined by the quality of materials and components as well as technology , acting in our production . For our equipment , we give a guarantee of 12 months from the date of its installation or leave the customer.

During the warranty period we will eliminate all problems free of charge , if they do not involve violations of the rules of operation of the equipment . Time Remedy depends on its nature , but does not exceed 10 working days.

In principle , we do not leave without the customer's attention and in cases where some elements have been broken or damaged by negligence or due to overload . And we correct such problems , but in this case the service will be paid.

We also provide our clients with advisory support , if necessary , make the dismantling or reconstruction of equipment.

Warranty service and solve other problems you need to contact your account manager at the central office or the office of one of the regional offices.